If we all settled for 'good enough,' would anything ever be good enough? -- Unknown


Improvement Maturity (effectiveness) separates Level 4 & 5 industry leaders from everyone else.

The challenge is to determine which weak ingredients hinder your ability to become more competitive. This is not complicated and it sounds simple, but unfortunately it is not easy to do. It requires change, and change is easiest to do when they need to do it! It is much more difficult when you need to do it.

A. Determine Your Major Business Performance Gaps

Level 2 & 3 organizations focus on cost reduction and eliminating waste. Level 4 & 5 organizations focus on creating more value for the 'right' customers.

B. Assess Your Improvement Maturity

Establish a baseline and identify weak or missing ingredients in the organization's continuous improvement recipe.

  • Strategic Alignment: applying resources for best results
  • Metrics: the best few to track performance
  • Process Thinking: to eliminate need for unnecessary goals, metrics and corrective actions
  • Workforce Engagement: for daily continuous improvement
  • Executive Mindset: focused on improving the way you improve

C. Build or Improve Any Weak or Missing Ingredients

D. Execute and Incorporate New Learning

Manage the IM Support Systems and make the new knowledge available throughout the organization.